Fee Structure


New style of fee structure

Howes Etc have devised the introduction of a new-style fee structure designed to:

  • Lower the cost to the player
  • Incentivise Howes Etc to regularly upgrade the player’s income for mutual benefit

Current commission rates for player management agency range up to 10% of annual salary. The average commission rate in both Britain and Australia being 7.5%.

Howes Etc have originated a fee structure based on an acceptable lower percentage of 5% of the basic contract for all-year-round personal service.

Thus the key factor is that this new-style fee structure recognises that Howes Etc have to play a significant role in the management of the player’s development to maximise earning potential, ultimately for the benefit of both the player and the agency. Howes Etc are therefore under intense pressure to improve the player’s income capacity rather than sit in the comfort zone of capitalising on the player’s established salary.

Clients in Super League

  • A fee will only be charged following the introduction of a player’s contract which has been introduced or renegotiated by Howes Etc.
  • The fee will become operable from the first month’s payment of the new contract and thereafter.
  • Howes Etc’s standard fee is 5% of the basic contract, including but not limited to:
    • Guaranteed basic contract payment
    • Appearance bonus
    • Scoring bonus
    • International debut bonus
  • Such fees to be paid monthly by standing order for the basic contract and at the end of the season for match incentive bonuses.
  • Howes Etc’s fees do not include commission on Challenge Cup and/or Grand Final play-off performance payments, or match payments received for international duty.